Donate a School & Supplies


The aim of the Rises Foundation is to support educational opportunities for all children (particularly orphan and needy) in rural and disadvantaged communities of Pakistan.


Thinking that we could make a difference to a whole community, village or school can seem overwhelming. What difference can one person make? However, If we all took a small step, a small hand reached out to make one child, one family, one school, one community more joyous... wouldn't that make a difference globally? I think we can.


Build a School

Pre Primary School                     4 rooms                      1.2 Millions PKR

Primary School                          10 rooms                      3    Millions PKR

Elementary School                    14 rooms                      4    Millions PKR

Secondary School                     20 rooms                      6    Millions PKR



Initiate a School in Rental Building

Pre Primary School                                                      0.5   Millions PKR

Primary School                                                             0.8   Millions PKR

Elementary School                                                      1.2    Millions PKR

Secondary School                                                       1.5    Millions PKR


School Supplies

Student Furniture                                                          200,000  PKR

Science Lab                                                                  200,000  PKR

Computer Lab                                                               150,000  PKR

Audio/Visual Aids                                                             75,000  PKR

Library                                                                           200,000  PKR

Office Furniture                                                             100,000  PKR

Head Office: Rises Foundation, Near Danyal Hospital, District Courts, Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

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