Family Support Program


Serving the parents and children of our community’s most vulnerable families Rises Foundation Family Support Program provides services and supports that are crucial to the academic and social success of children.


The Family Support Program promotes child and family growth by nurturing healthy parent/child relationships, providing positive parenting education and individualized support, and walking alongside families as they strive to reach their goals and prepare their children for the future.


The Family Support Program with intensive supports and services aimed at preventing child abuse, increasing future school and life success, promoting positive and appropriate parenting and teaching families about their children’s development. We serve the parents and children of our community’s most vulnerable families.


Feedback Process:


• Quarterly, intensive home visits

• Regular goal setting for the family and its members

• Monthly family events that offer education and parent child activity time

• Yearly developmental screening, assessment, and intervention

• On-going assistance


Monthly Expenses for a Family Support


S. No              Details                                    Expenses

1                     Cooking Oil 5.0 Litters                    850

2                     Flour (Aata) 40 Kg                        1600

3                     Beans 5 Kg                                     800

4                     Rice 10 Kg                                    1500

5                     Sugar 5Kg                                      300

6                     Vegetable 5 Kg                               250

7                     Grocery items                                 500

8                     Gas Cylinder                                 1500

                                                                   Total 7300

Head Office: Rises Foundation, Near Danyal Hospital, District Courts, Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

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