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Rises Foundation is a voluntary social welfare agency which registered under the VSWA ordinance 1961 as enforced in AJ&K Council Registration and controlled act 1982. Our home land suffering from poverty, terrorism, illiteracy and corruption. We have a vision of (خیرالناس من ینفع الناس (الحدیث” mean Best Amongst yours is one who is beneficial for other. And we believe that “Khair” goodness could be promoted only through education.


Although some other factors are supportive but education is a basic factor. So primarily we serve in field of education and along with family support program, capacity building of youth, and orphan’s sponsorship. However, we have been stretching our role gradually towards health. Emergency relief skill centers and sustainable development through public private partnership. We started our work from 26 schools and 1000 students with 260 team members in Dec, 25, 2014 with a vision of 500 schools, medical, college, university and 5000 team members.


Alhamdulillah within 4 years we are standing with 110 school/colleges, 15000 students and 1200 team members. We also fulfilling the educational needs of more than 2000 of needy students and providing supplies for 700 + orphan students. We want to be a change agent in our home land through mind mapping of our youth. I believe that our work will support to eliminate poverty, terrorism and corruption from our beloved home land. I’m grateful to all our donors, partners, stake holders and team members whose consistent support enabling us to reach our vision 2025.


I hope all of you to be part of Rises Foundation for a great vision for our country for humanity and for positive change. May Allah Bless all of us.


Muhammad Nawaz

CEO Rises Foundation

Muhammad Nawaz

CEO Rises Foundation

Head Office: Rises Foundation, Near Danyal Hospital, District Courts, Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

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